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It's been a pretty long wait, but it's finally here. Now fans of Jade and Aldora can find out what they've been up to, check in on baby Gemini, and see if Taurean ever got what was coming to him. Plus meet the newest member of the group Kitsu Mei, when the Queen tells you to work with someone you don't argue, even if that someone is a tiny sprite of a vampire who insists on wearing pink.

In Discovery a serial killer is targeting young women in Chicago. The police assumed their suspect was human, but when the evidence points to a vampire, Jade and Aldora are called in to work with the human authorities. They must stop the killings and bring the vampire responsible to justice or risk a scandal that could cause the United States to rethink their position on the rights of vampire kind. Dealing with a rash of murders, trying to work with the human police, and raising a baby vampire...what could go wrong?

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