• Most vampires are turned humans; a child can be born from a human and vampire pairing but needs to be turned into a vampire later
    • A vampire child is only born once every 500 years
  • Scars/injuries do not last on a vampire
    • The only way to scar a vampire permanently is to burn them with a cross or by pouring holy water in a wound
  • The Queen of the Vampires, Khalidah, is the goddess of beauty's, Bastet's, first born
    • Born from Bastet and a mortal after the goddess of war, Sekhmet, cursed the union
    • Sekhmet created a mate for her named Ammon
  • The collective memory of the Vampire Kingdom is shared by vampires
    • Memories are added when either the elders ask for a memory because they feel it would help future generations or an individual vampire might petition the elders to add a memory and the elders would vote on its merit
    • Being in the collective memory is like a passenger that can see, hear, and feel everything the "driver" did but without any power to do anything
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